Convergence from RKVY organic farming
Name of Project : Construction of Vermicompost Unit
Funding Agency : DES IGKV, Raipur
Duration : 1 year
Objectives : 1. To Demonstrate the Vermicompost unit
2. To provide verms to the farmers
3. To Produce Vermicampost for KVK fram
Cost of the project(Rs in Lac) : 1.5
Place : KVK, Farm
Size (m)/ No. : 30mx10 m. (06 Nos.)
Vermicompost units having the size of 30mX10 m. are constructed under RKVY organic farming at KVK campus as a demonstration unit. The produce vermicompost are used in farm and the verms are selled to the farmers of Dantewada. Trainings and exposure visit is being going on organic farming with the financial support of district administration. The fertilizer consumption rate of the district is only 6.5 Kg NPK/ha. and the required nutrition for crop production is being given by organic manure i.e. FYM, Vermicompost, NADEP compost etc. So this demonstration unit is very useful in learning the technique of vermin composting.
Constructed vermicompost unit on KVK Farm under RKVY Organic Farming
Convergence from RKVY Organic Farming
Name of Project : Organic farming
Funding Agency : DRS, IGKV, Raipur
Duration : 01 year
Objectives : To study the effect of FYM & Bio fertilizers on the yield and yield attributes of rice crop
Cost of the project(Rs in Lac) : 1.5
Name of village/black : Samloor
No. of Beneficiaries : 43
Name of Beneficiaries : Farmers of Samloor
Area (ha.) : 10
Present status : Successfully work completed
Implementation of this project, group of farmer were selected for application of chemical fertilizer, bio-fertilizer (FYM, BGA, Panchagavya) and applied on the farmer field under the supervision of KVK expert for increasing rice productivity. It was found that panchagavya (bio-fertilizer) was suitable for local variety of rice as compared to other fertilizer and it is give better production of rice in this region
Preparation of Panchagavya
Demonstration of Panchagavya
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